Footvolley is played with a specific footvolley ball, lighter than a football and heavier than a volleyball (see how we play here). You mostly play the ball with your head, chest, shoulders, thighs and feet, but can use any body part besides your hands and arms. Footvolley is usually played barefoot 2 against 2 with a maximum of 3 touches, before the ball has to pass over the net of 2.20 meters for men and 2.00 meters for women in a sand court of 8 x 16 meters. Footvolley is mostly played 2 vs 2 but other versions as 3 vs 3 and 4 vs 4 is also played in competitions or recreational games. Learn more about the rules of footvolley here.

History of footvolley

The footvolley was born on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the year of 1965, when a group of friends, who usually played the ball between each other in the air (Altinha) were forced to stop playing  at the beach by the police because it broke an old local law. Playing beach volleyball was however allowed on the courts on the beaches so the guys decided to continue play “Altinha” using the beach volleyball courts, passing the ball over the net.
The new way of playing gained popularity and in a short time became a new sport called footvolley.