Below you will find our event calendar. Further below are our past events.

Events for 2022 are getting planned right now. Stay tuned here or on our instagram!

National ranking tournaments are held in Malmö, Stockholm and Göteborg to decide which players are going to represent Sweden in international tournaments.

Open International Tournament is our yearly tournament we organize and hold in Stockholm. Our aim is to gather footvolley players from all over the world to meet and play footvolley together. See our video below from our Open International Tournament 2019 in Gärdet.

Local tournaments are tournaments organized here in Stockholm where mainly Stockholm teams compete. These occur around once every other month.

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Past Events 2020

International Friendly Footvolley Day – Stockholm Footvolley Club vs Footvolley Sastamala (Finland). 11th of January, Stockholm.

Footvolley Clubs Tour 1st round. 8th of February, Rome, Italy.
Hammarbydagen. 8th of February, Tele2 Arena.

Footvolley Clubs Tour 2nd round. Stockholm Open #SinFrenosss Tournament 21st of March, Stockholm.
Our footvolley season starts 31st of March. Join us today!

Summer workshop with Danderyd SK in Danderydvallen week 25.
Open International tournament. Stockholm. Everybody is welcome. August
Summer workshop with Danderyd SK in Danderydvallen week 33.

National ranking tournament 1, Malmö 12th of September.
Footvolley Clubs Tour 3rd round. Barcelona, Spain. Postponed.
Footvolley Clubs Tour 4th round. Athens, Greece. Postponed.

National ranking tournament 2, Stockholm 24th of October.

National ranking tournament 3, Gothenburg 5th of December (cancelled)