Rules of footvolley

The rules of footvolley – the game starts with a serve from the ground behind the service line. The ball is placed on a sand pile and served by foot. The serve has to go over the net. The ball can touch the net as long as it afterwards goes over the net. The ball is now in play. Now each team are allowed a max total of 3 contacts of the ball (reception – setup – attack), after which the balls has to pass back over the net. The ball has to be kept in the air at all times and is not allowed to touch the ground. The same player cannot touch the ball two times in a row. You can use all body parts except your hands and arms. During the game it’s not allowed to touch the net with your body or the point goes to the opponent.

You can score a point when the ball touches the ground on the opponents side within or on the lines. You also score a point when the opponent is unable to play the ball over to your side in maximum three touches. Every attack should pass in between the antennas on top of the net. If the ball touches the antenna, the point goes to the opponent.

You count points every serve. This means that a team can score a point in every rally whether or not they are serving. The first player keeps serving until a point is lost. When this team regains the service it is the second players’ turn to serve.

In general a team that first wins 2 sets wins the game. A set is usually to 18 points. If the score is 17-17 the teams keep playing until there is a difference of 2 points. In case of a tie (both teams have won 1 set) a third decisive set is played. The third set is usually to less points than the previous sets. So if the first two sets each go until 18 points, the third is usually to 15 points. If the first two sets each go until 15 points, the third set is usually to 12 points.

Teams change sides every 6 points (in a set of 18) or every 5 points (in a set of 15). This to avoid benefiting from the wind or the (sun)light. Before the game the referee will hold a draw to decide which team starts serving.

Teams may consists of male, female or mix depending on the category of tournament or league.

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