Thanks to everybody for making this a great day and event. Thanks to The Beach, photofabbe and #SinFrenoss

Lottning av grupper – Drawing of groups

Grupp 1:

Aykut / Cesar
Arnes / Eric
Sebbe / Jonatan
Mike / Dani

Grupp 2:

Marcus / David
Pontus / Felipe
Bruno / Emil
Flavio / Rodrigo

Grupp 3:

James / Olof
Vitor / Ricardo
Helio / Ramy
Nestor / William

Spelschema – Bracket table

Liveuppdateringar går att följa via denna länk klicka här
Live updates can be followed in this link click here


In the beginning of a game and in the beginning of tie break, a coin will be tossed for deciding which team starts with the ball or side.
To win a set a team must win 18 points with a margin of 2 points.
If a a match is tied in sets, a 15-point tie breaker is played to define the winner.
Every 6 points teams should change sides. In tie break the teams should change sides after every 5 points.
If a team doesn’t appear on the playing court when the match is called, it is declared in default and forfeits the match with the result of 0 -18 for each set.
When a team is declared incomplete after they start the match, the opponent is given the win, but the incomplete team keeps the points scored.

Criteria for deciding scoring and placement of teams
1. Position in the group stage
2. Winning games
3. Points difference
4. Least points lost
5. Toss a coin

Important information
The tournament starts at 09:00. Please be at the facility in time. Address to The Beach here
Due to current situation with Corona only players and leaders are allowed at The Beach this day.
Food and drinks can be purchased at The Beach. If you have questions regarding the menu please contact The Beach.